Arihant : All in One “Chemistry” CBSE Class- 11 (2022-23)



All In One Chemistry for Class 11th has been Written specially for students studying in Class 11th with CBSE Curriculum. This book is written by an experienced examiner, which provides all the explanation and guidance, you need to study efficiently and succeed in the exam.

The whole syllabus has been divided into chapters as per CBSE Syllabus. To make the students, understand the chapter completely, each chapter has been divided into individual topics and each such topic has been treated as a separated chapter. Each topic has Detailed Theory, supported by Illustrations, Examples, Tables, Flowcharts, etc., followed by the questions grouped as Objective Type Questions, Very Short Answer Type, Short Answer Type I Questions, Short Answer Type II Questions and Long Answer Type Questions. These questions cover Whole Syllabus and other important questions from examination point of view. To facilitate the easy learning and practice, explanations to all the questions have been given.

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